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The Selling Process

When an offer to purchase is received, Andrea will .....

1) Detail seller expenses and net proceeds

2) Discuss qualifications of the buyer

3) Counsel you and negotiate the best price and terms

4) Prepare a calendar of key upcoming actions

5) Explain all details and contingencies

6) Maintain rapport and communicate with the other agent involved in the transaction

During a pending transaction, Andrea will .....

1) Order title insurance, deed, survey, and other necessary documents

2) When appropriate, meet appraiser at your property and present market data

3) Review the inspection report with you

4) Keep you up-to-date on the pending details

5) Follow up with the borrower's lender

6) Assist cooperating agent with any problems relative to the sale

7) Review the title work

8) Schedule the closing

At the closing, Andrea will .....

1) Discuss proceeds and closing statements with you

2) Attend the closing and answer all questions

3) Coordinate possession of property

4) Maintain a file of closing papers

5) Help coordinate the transfer of utilities and keys

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